Mike-and-DustinOur Story

Dustin Belt & Mike Skoro have many decades of waterfowl hunting under their belts and really know how to find and take the birds. With a combination of one of the best waterfowl callers you will ever be in the presence of to one of the best all around hunters and hard workers you will be around, these professionals will take you to a waterfowl paradise that few ever get to experience.

  • Geese 80%
  • Ducks 75%
  • Upland Birds 50%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Our professionals have scoured North America to locate the best places to take our clients, and we had been searching for well over a decade aggressively hunting all over the US. We finally learned after many years of hunting that the Best Waterfowl Hunting in North America is in Alberta Canada so this is where we take our clients and friends.

As you can see from the images below, we get a variety of birds. With a variety of ducks from Mallards to Teals, Wigeon, Wood, Pintails and more and LOTS OF GEESE. We hunt big open country in the truly amazing waterfowl wonderland area of Alberta Canada!